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Enterprise Value Enhancements

Value, as defined by Meriam-Webster, is the "monetary worth of something". In the business accounting context valuations generally, follow three standard methods,

(a) Asset-based business valuation methods

(b) Income-based business valuation methods, and/or

(c) Market-based business valuation methods

Regardless of how you arrive at the valuation based on one or more of the above methods, the secret-sauce is "How" from a business operations perspective can one increase future valuations.

From an operating perspective the three main levers for increasing company valuations are represented in the pictorial below.

We help small and large companies enhance their business value through a customized and need-based optimization of the above How's and related business processes including Cash Flow, Cost, Profitability, Growth, Sales, Human Capital, Organizational Development, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity. We have $BB+ in value creation and enhancement experience with leading Fortune 500 corporations as well as scaling entrepreneurial organizations.

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